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Black Forest Gâteau

Black Forest cake

This isn’t a Summertime recipe at all but is so exquisite that I couldn’t contain myself to share this recipe with you. Last month was Adri’s birthday, she’s a friend of mine that helps around the blog… her favorite cake is the Black Forest Gâteau (cake) which is a classic and timeless chocolate cake. 

When I heard chocolate cake, whipped cream, cherries and alcohol I thought it would be a piece of cake to make this cake, little did I know, this Black Forest Gâteau rapidly became a tough task to achieve at least here in the small town we both live in. Getting fresh black cherries was hyper harsh, and the kirsch… well the kirsch was surprisingly easy to get and believe it or not, Adri was right there helping me to find the kirsch, perhaps that’s one of the perks of baking for a living, one easily can bootleg some ingredients for a surprise cake with the birthday girl around, without even questioning it muahaha.

Black Forest cake

The Black Forest Gâteau is a Bavarian cake, is basically a chocolate cake embedded with kirsch (cherry liquor) filled and covered with whipped cream, with black cherries and chocolate shavings, this cake is mega scrumptious but a little dangerous because in between the delicate sweetness you forget it is soaked in alcohol, and hey! kirsch it’s 40% ABV so be careful! If you’re doing this cake for your kids you need to definitely skip the kirsch.

Perhaps if you live in a big city, or in a country with a more benign weather you can easily find the black cherries in your local supermarket, but living in a small town south of Mexico makes everything a bit more challenging. I thought of using black cherries from a can or even some maraschino cherries for it was almost impossible to find fresh black cherries but finally for a little peace of mind I found them! If you live in a small town, or in a tropical country as I do or if they’re too expensive you can definitely swap for those other options.

Black Forest Gâteau

Vanessa Hernández
Published 07/24/2015
An exquisite chocolate cake with whipped cream, black cherries between each layer and a drop or two of kirsch can make this chocolate decadence a sin to revisit, anytime! 


  • 1 Death by Chocolate cake
  • 300 grs (11 oz.) of black cherries
  • 4 tbsp. of cherry jam
  • ¼ of cup of kirsch (cherry liqueur)
  • 200 grs (7 oz.) of dark chocolate
  • 100 grs (3.3 fl. oz.) of whipping cream
  • 500 grs (18 oz.) of extra thick whipped cream

  • Instructions

    1. First you need to get your very own chocolate cake, here’s my recipe for the Death by Chocolate cake which I used as base for this Black Forest Gâteau, if you prefer other chocolate cake go for it, it’s just that I can’t guarantee is going to be that good! haha jk. When ready let it cool and cut it in two or three different layers. 
    2. Then we have this 2 ingredients chocolate ganache out of the microwave, it can’t get any easier nor tastier, chop finely the dark chocolate bar and add the whipping cream into a glass bowl. You’ll need to pay close attention! Heat the mixture gently in 10-seconds increments, stirring between each increment to make sure the chocolate doesn’t burn. After is completely melted, silky and smooth let cool at room temperature.
    3. Pour the kirsch in a jar and add a few cherries to macerate for an extra touch of their fresh natural flavor. Pit the rest of the cherries, try no to eat them while doing this step!
    4. Whisk a high fat content whipping cream to get a consistent and thick whipped cream, I haven’t found yet a single supermarket where I live that sells this kind of cream so I bought a thick whipped cream instead. Mix the cherry marmalade with the cherries.
    5. Brush the kirsch over the cake layers, add a coat of dark chocolate ganache, add some whipped cream and place the cherries into the whipped cream, repeat this on the second layer, just remember to add whole cherries on top!
    6. Let it cool in the fridge at least for an hour before serving. This cake gets better after a day or two, the liqueur really permeates the layers and all the rich and fragrant flavors mix together, it really is an experience to enjoy!

    Yield: A 6 inch (16cm) cake.
    Prep Time: 01 hrs. 20 mins.
    Cook time: 00 hrs. 30 mins.
    Total time: 1 hrs. 50 mins.
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    Black Forest cake

    As you might noticed this cake isn’t a tropical creation, and you need to control the environment when you’re assembling this cake. You can make the different procedures in different days…this Black Forest Gâteau really worth the time… Villahermosa is hot and humid all-the-time that my not-so-high-fat-content-cream never creamed appropriately, after two tries and a few tears I made something out of the whipping cream, I assembled the first cake and even it never turned out the way I expected my husband encouraged me to take that cake to Adri’s home because it was her birthday and birthdays without cakes aren’t birthdays…

    A few days later, I fought this monster cake again, this time with a thick heavy whipped cream that totally beat the heat, and this is the cake I’m presenting you Today, for obvious reasons I shared a big chunk of this cake with Adri, we both passed a week and a half eating Black Forest Gâteau.
    Black Forest cake

    I hope you make this recipe at home, is easy once you get to know the limits of the place you live in but it completely worth the effort as it is one of those cakes you need to try… You can totally fit this recipe into Summer by replacing the whipped cream with vanilla ice cream, isn’t it a daring and tastier idea?! nom nom nom, I’m totally picturing it! See you next Monday with a new recipe!

    Black Forest cake

    Hey! I’m Adri, I’m the one who messes around with the blog, and basically I get to know before all of you which recipes are about to be post! Hahah I also help with the translation of this massive work around ChokolatPimienta; is not only the flawlessly looking food that you get to see as a finished work, it’s also choosing the best ingredients available, preparing delicious dishes and re-imagine how to styling them or even figure new and easiest ways to cook them, all of which includes editing videos and photo shooting of every dish, if I didn’t truly believe in the craftsmanship behind every bit of those practices I’m sure I wouldn’t be here writing these lines nor giving a bit of my work… 

    And probably you are thinking like… how any of it has anything to do with cakes, right? Perhaps those words came out as gratitude in remembering the very endearing surprise of a cake I haven’t tasted in years. The Black Forest Gâteau was a cake my favorite aunt used to make me when visiting her in Torreon and it left a big impression on me for years, I remembered that cake to the point of planning to make it on my own even though my baking skills are a little bit short. 

    I know exactly the things I enjoy and also what doesn’t please me in a dish… from an early age my Dad taught me to eat a vast range of chocolates, dark chocolate, bitter chocolate, semisweet chocolate… and yup candied chocolates and milk chocolates too like any other kid, he also encouraged us to taste cheeses, cold cuts and a great variety of nuts… perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I’m so belligerent about what I eat and the Black Forest Gâteau is without a doubt a very distinct and mature cake, with a strong dark chocolate flavor with hints of sweetness that comes from the natural sweetness of the cherries and the delicate sweetness from the whipped cream, my taste is and has been quite demanding since I know yet this Black Forest Gâteau was marvelous and inspiring, little by little I’m getting the confidence to make my own Black Forest one day and I truly hope this recipe inspires you to make your own.

    I’m not a mum, but I ate a Black Forest as a child with the kirsch and everything and I think I came out just fine, I mean is just a quarter of cup, anyhow if you’re too worried perhaps you can make a cherry syrup to infused the cakes. I think as parents or adults we can guide the little ones to appreciate food and cooking and eventually they will see food differently and learn to enjoy all types of food n_n

    Until next time people (-: 

    See you next week with more amazing recipes! For more recipes, tips, any questions or comments visit ChokolatPimienta's Youtube Channel and don’t forget to Like & SHARE! :D

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