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This Friday I bring you a highly refreshing beverage, this Papelón con Limón it’s an emblematic drink from my beloved Venezuela, the main ingredient for this drink is the papelón which is basically unrefined whole cane sugar juice, dried and shaped into a huge block or a medium roll, the closest thing to taste perhaps could be muscovado or raw sugar but they’re not the same thing, they’re just slightly seemed. Papelón is typical of Latin America, in Colombia is known as panela, in some parts is also named rapadura or raspadura and here in Mexico people call it piloncillo… Wikipedia informed me :-P that in India is also produced and it’s named gur, you know it’s fun to know these things.

This drink it’s ideal to quench the thirst, perhaps my constant complaining about the weather in this particular spot of Mexico called Villahermosa had been already heard by some of you, but this Papelón con Limón or Piloncillo & Lime Juice is a real treat for this, also it’s easy to do, sugary, zesty… can’t get any better, I promise!

A lot of people asked for the recipe after I published a pic around Instagram, and then I thought this is just a real piece to get to know some of me and a little of Venezuela so from Venezuela to the world here comes Papelón con Limón or if this sounds totally off for you, you can call it Piloncillo & Lime Juice or something like that I’ll leave that to you! :-P 

This weekend you can make a huge pitcher full of Papelón con Limón or Piloncillo & Lime Juice, you can add more lime juice for an extra acidic taste and overindulge yourself into the freshness of this beverage while tasting a little of Venezuela at home with your friends and family.

Papelón con limón

Vanessa Hernández
Published 05/15/2015
Thirst-quenching papelón con limón from Venezuela to the world with a unique sugary accent you never taste before.   


  • 1 papelón [piloncillo, panela] (you can buy it from Mexican grocery stores)
  • 68 fl. oz. of water (2 litres)
  • ½ cup of lime juice 
  • Ice


  1. Put your papelón (piloncillo) direct to your pitcher only if it is heat resistant then pour about 34 fl. oz. (1 litre) of hot water into it, little by little until the papelón is completely melted and stir to avoid small undissolved lumps. You can also put the same amount of water into a pan and bring to boil until the papelón is completely melted and then pour it in a jug, is up to you and let it cool (-:
  2. Now we’re going to squeezed some limes and pour this lime juice into the jug with the papelón water, then add the rest of your cold water, stir well and refrigerate.
  3. Serve with a lot of ice cubes and garnish your glasses with some lime slices. (-:

See, it was that easy and I guarantee it will taste completely different than a regular lemonade perhaps because this is a cheeky limenade hahahah :-P  

Yiels: 68 fl.oz
Prep Time: 00 hrs. 20 mins.
Cook time: 00 hrs. 00 mins.
Total time: 20 mins.
Tags: Piloncillo, Papelón, Lime juice, Papelón con Limón, Piloncillo & Lime Juice, Venezuelan Popular Drink, Local Cuisines, Panela, Gur.

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