Monday, January 26, 2015

How to prepare a bake pan

How to prepare a bake pan

There are things  that are cooking basics, and we should know them to be able to properly make all of our recipes, today I’ll show you how to prepare a baking mold, Even though it seems easy, sometimes it can go really wrong, and the cakes will stick to the mold, and we’ll lose all the work we have done baking a tasty cake, hasn’t that happened to you? It is to die for, that’s why today I’ll give you tips on how to do it the best way possible so that your cakes always unmold perfectly.

Make sure that the mold is clean before you begin, then cover it with butter, with your hands or with a cooking brush, it is important that you cover everything so that the flour sticks perfectly.

After it’s all buttered up, if you want for extra safety, you can add on the lower part of the mold a piece of waxed paper, or just leave it like it is and sprinkle with flour, I add the paper when it is a cake with moist, that way I’m sure they won’t stick to the bottom.

Cover the mold with flour or cocoa if you are making a chocolate cake, it is important to remove the excess, we just need a small layer, if we add to much, we’ll end up with a cake full of flour when unmolding.

I hope this cooking tip will be useful, preparing a mold is something everyone should do when baking.

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