Monday, September 1, 2014

Watermelon Jelly

September starts, and with it, a Mexican food special, all month I'll be bringing you tasty typical recipes; we celebrate with our Mexican friends their patriotic month, so turn the music up, take out your tequila, lets make some margaritas and let us lose ourselves in this culture with so many different food dishes, I hope I can make justice to them, they are made with lots of love.

It's been a little over 4 years that I've been living in Mexico, and it's smells and flavours hace conquered my palate, I've fallen in love with it's food and people, This month I share with you a collection of my Mexican recipes that were published on the magazine  "Kena Cocina" last year and some new recipes that I've learned recently, and I'm thrilled to share them with you. Today I bring you a super easy and fresh recipe, Watermelon Gelatine.

Watermelon Jelly


    • 15 grams of gelatin 
    • 1 cup of watermelon juice 
    • 1 cup of watermelon balls 
    • Juice of 1 lemon 
    • 1 tablespoon of tequila 
    • 1 tablespoon of agave nectar

                1. Hydrate the gelatin with 75 ml watermelon juice, when the gelatin absorbs the liquid heat it for 15 seconds in the microwave until melted, add the gelatin to the rest of the watermelon juice, add lemon juice, tequila and honey agave to the mixture. 
                2. Place in serving cups the watermelon balls, cover with gelatin and leave them to set in the refrigerator.

                  Prep Time: 01 hrs. 
                  Tags: Gelatin, Sandia, Mexico, Easy Recipe.

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