Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Year Trifle - Happy 2014

 The year is almost over and to celebrate it in a big way, today I'll teach you how to make this delicious and elegant recipe that will amaze all your guests, you can serve it in individual bowls or in a large bowl for sharing, it's one of those desserts that you want to repeat and repeat, it's very tasty and simple, they'll think you spent hours in the kitchen and you'll be the target of all praise.

 It softest my heart just remembering all we've been through this year, all our achievements and our not so good memories, but it's part of growing and evolving, this year brought me so many good things , so many hits that never imagined, so much joy, but also a few sorrows as the departing of my bunny, if I list my highlights of the year I think the first would be that I got published in Kena Cocina, It's a pleasure for me to work with such a beautiful team, also being part of Le Creuset Mexico is an honor and a joy, another beautiful moment was undoubtedly the launch of my first book Christmas Chokolat & Pimienta, creating my Youtube  channel and my entry into Tastemade (Alba thanks for believing in me), it has been a great year and you, what did you like best this 2013?

 I want to thank you for being with me this year, following my adventures in this delightful world of cooking and supporting me in my madness and projects, I hope to keep seeing you around here often next year, continue to share stories and recipes, there will be some changes ahead but all are for the better, I assure you. You are an essential part of this blog, so I encourage you to participate more and more, let your voice be heard through the comments and allow me to continue sweetening your days with my kitchen and my photographs, this 2014 is full of happiness and much prosperity to you and your friends and family. I send many kisses and hugs, Happy New Year!!

New Year Trifle

A very elegant and special dessert to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.


    • 35 grs of cherry gelatin
    • 2 cups of hot water
    • 1 cup of cold water
    • 250 grs of strawberries
    • 100 grs raspberries
    • 30 Vanilla and Rosewater French Macarons 
    • 1/4 of teaspoon rose water
    • 500 ml of whipping cream
    • 1 tablespoon of sugar

                     To make the whipped cream scented with rose water, place the cream with the sugar and rose water in a blender and mix until the cream to stiff peaks Mt.

                      For the French Macarons you can find the basic recipe in my book Chokolat & Pepper Christmas sale here and filled with vanilla buttercream and touch of rosewater.

                    Yield: 6 Portions
                    Tags: Trifle, Jelly, Red fruits, strawberries, raspberries, cherry, Whipped Cream, French Macarons, Rosewater

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