Thursday, November 28, 2013

Chocolate Panettone

 The holidays have already begun in Chokolat & Pimienta! Today I'll teach you how to prepare a Chocolate Panettone, one of the recipes from my ebook Navidades  Chokolat & Pimienta, (the english version will be on sale at December 1st). This sweet Italian bread, traditionally made with candied fruit or chocolate chips is one of the best desserts for this time of year, it is ideal to accompany with a cup of hot chocolate or tea. Although it seems somewhat cumbersome and difficult, today I'll show you that it's very simple to do and best of all, its worth the effort haha.

 For some reason, I have no idea why, I don't like candied fruits, do you? so always at Christmas my mom bought me these Italian chocolate panettone that was sold at the supermarket and at that time it  tasted like glory haha, but as I got older, I don't like it as much, I think it's because I'm very particular at eating, so I'm gradually trying to do it by myself, until I created this recipe, I think its was the winner among all the previous recipes.

 I think one of the secrets of why this panettone is so rich is the pre ferment, because not only it enhances flavor of the bread, but it also helps the texture, which makes it light and fluffy. Try it at home, you can divide the dough into a small portions and make several, let the sky be the limit, get inspired with this recipe and make it yours, improvise, incorporate things, have fun cooking...

Chocolate Panettone

Vanessa Hernandez
With a mild flavor and an undeniable aroma, comes this delicious chocolate chip Panettone, I'm sure you'll love it.



  • 75 grs of flour
  • 10 grs dof dry yeast
  • 45 grs of milk


  • 175 grs of flour
  • 3 grs of dry yeast
  • 75 grs of sugar
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 2 eggs
  • vanilla bean
  • 100 grs of melted butter
  • 4 grs of salt
  • 1cup of dark chocolate chips
Serve: 2 panettones
Tags: Panettone, Chocolate, Dessert, Christmas.

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Dina said...

a chocolate panettone sounds delicious!

Diane said...

Looks delish. No written instructions or did I miss seeing them? :)