Friday, September 27, 2013

Beetroot and chocolate cake

A few days ago I was thinking on what kind of cake to make for my friend "A" b-day, considering that she can't eat to much sugar and she is a good eater and knows of pastries, I decided to make this delicious and unconventional cake. I thought if we make something similar with the carrot cake,  why not incorporate vegetables in other cakes? it´s healthy, tasty and nutritious, so we're not only eating cake, we are eating vegetables (here I just drew a mischievous smile on my face ).

When you bake for someone who knows about pastry, it's a challenge, because you want to please that person and you want everything turn out well, so a conventional cake was not for her and even if this cake was a success, since everyone liked it and no one knew what was the secret ingredient until I told them, I made at the request of the birthday girl, her favorite cake, carrot cake with cream cheese topping and my personal stamp french macaroons, I leave the picture here.

I know you're wondering why I use beets, beetroot, betabel, remolacha, beterradabetarragabeterraga! or as you say in your country, in a chocolate cake?, It's simple, It gives moisture and fiber to the cake and helps to reinforce the chocolate flavor and it's great, but Wouldn't you rather ask ourselves the next time, why not? Check out the video and look at the preparation mode ;)

Let me give you a tip, to beat the egg whites use half of the sugar and save the other half for the rest of the preparation. If you want to hide the beets in the cake, grate it finely and then process, the beets must be raw, that's important. Follow my adventures in the kitchen through my FacebookTwitterPinterest, Instagram pages and my Youtube channel, if you do this or any other of my recipes, take a picture and share it with me through the # chokolatpimienta on twitter and instagram .

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