Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beetroot and Carrot Detox Juice

Today, I start the week by purifying my body with a such simple recipe that will help your organism to cleanse itself of all those harmful substances that accumulate over time, It’s not magical, with just one shot It won’t make miracles, but it'll help.

Pay attention to what we eat is really important, the popular saying "You are what you eat", today, it seems more than a certain, I'll tell you why; yesterday my husband and I saw  Food Matters , it's a documentary about how we see the food, the level of importance we place on this, how the food can help us to cure our body and how we can have better quality of life if we just eat better. I hope you can find 60 min of your time to see this show, I was very impressed by it, and I don’t usually eat that much junk food, but It made me think and come into consciousness that I need to improve my diet, eat even more vegetables and less meat, investigate a little more about the raw food and try to repair the damage I've done to my body without being aware of it.

Today I started running, this is a new routine to purify my body every Monday, drinking natural juices and lots, lots and lots of water and improving my daily diet including more fiber and vitamins.

To make this juice, chop all your vegetables and put them in a blender, add the chopped apple, the juice of half a lemon, ginger and a little of water, only enough for it to liquefie, if you have a juice extractor, you don’t need add water, if you want to add more fiber to your juice, only add one tablespoon of ground flaxseed.

Now if you ask, why  is this juice going to detox? well It’s because it stimulates the immune system, It contains vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, Among others, it is diuretic, antioxidant and contains a good amount of fiber so it helps you go to the bathroom ;)

Try to get organic fruits and vegetables, as they Don’t contain pesticides or that pile of chemicals  that is placed to the  fruits / vegetables to keep them fresh longer, if you cannot find them, then wash them well to try to eliminate as much as possible of these substances.

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