Sunday, July 7, 2013


I know we're in the middle of summer and the least you want to eat is as hot as a soup, but these days a storm lashed the state where I live and cloudy days suddenly appeared between rain and cold, my body demanded it, so today I share my recipe for Minestrone, It is a comforting dish, with soft flavor and highly nutritious, you can prepare it with vegetables of your choice, I use those I had in the refrigerator, is a good choice for a vegetarian dish or to change the menu a little.

As you know, this month of July is my birthday and I've organized a very special contest, I hope you can participate, here I leave the link so you can see that it, and although I'll be away from the blog a bit these days (because I will be moving to a new city ​​and you know how the changes are) I will be very aware of the e-mails to see who sent me recipes for the contest.

I also wanted to invite you to see the Healthy Desserts hangout organized by "Cocina y comparte", to which I was invited as a specialist, we talked about how to make delicious and healthy desserts, gluten free, replacing the sugar with other healthier options and much more, it is very interesting and I hope you like it, It is only this in Spanish though.

Para hacer el Minestrone utilice una cocotte Le Creuset, azul caribe de 28 cm 
Returning to the recipe haha, to make minestrone use a pasta called orecchiette (in Italian ears) is a type of small pasta that simulates as an ear, are very tasty and are perfect to add to broths and soups for its size and consistency, if you can´t find this pasta you can add the one you like as it is small or if you like you can change the pasta for rice.

To prepare the minestrone, dice the vegetables and reserve. Place over medium-low your Le Creuset cocotte  add a little olive oil and saute the onion and garlic until translucent, pour the can of cherry tomatoes with everything and its sauce, fry for about two minutes, then add vegetable broth, tomato paste, cannellini beans, bay leaf, oregano, basil and vegetables cook for about 15-20 min, so that all the flavors to blend.

 Season the Minestrone with salt and pepper, turn up the heat and add the pasta, cook until al dente, rectify the seasoning of the soup and serve hot with some grated parmesan cheese on top and served with a good loaf of bread.

Try this recipe, you can add some chili flakes for a touch of hotness, go ahead and try this recipe at home, you really love it, you know you can follow my adventures in the kitchen through my pages FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram and if you do this or any other of my recipes, tomale a photo and share it with me through the # chokolatpimienta on twitter and instagram. 

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