Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Melon and yogurt salad

Following  the trend of healthy desserts, today I bring you this recipe, is fast, delicious and low in calories. You can do it  for dessert or breakfast, it  is very tasty, healthy and simple.

Sometimes we think that dessert is just a slice of cake or something like that, but if you want to lower calories of your daily diet, the first thing to do is  reduce the size of food portions that you eat, it is to seek a  healthy option for dessert and snacks, you don't have to restrict eating desserts, It just has to be healthy or you bring something to your diet.

To make this recipe I used my  Le Creuset ramekins, I served my dessert in them, because I can control the size of the portion that I want to eat, that way I can control my desire to eat more. If you serve your desserts on a large plate, your brain automatically wants more,  because the dish is not equal to the proportion of food that you're serving, it is a trick to fool your brain,  place the food on smaller plates or bowls, so the dish will seem to be full.

This happens to me, perhaps it happens to you too?, But when I leave food on the plate, I remember my mom saying "Don't leave any food, many children are hungry and your leaving food, etc, etc" .... that feeling of guilt is not going out of my mind, so to stop feeling like I wasted the food, whether sweet or savory, I control my portions fooling my brain ;) I also prefer to eat little and not have to make an 4 hours exercise routine  in order to burn the calories of everything I ate.

Makes 2 servings

1/2 seedless melon
4 tablespoons of  honey
125 grams plain yogurt (I used Greek yogurt)
chopped pistachios

Caribbean blue, Le Creuset Ramekins  

Peel the melon and cut it into small pieces, with the help of a portionierer spoon, cut the melon into small balls to make it look prettier, but you can chop into squares, triangles or whatever. Reserve.

Place in the bottom of each half of the yogurt container, then add two tablespoons of honey (or less depending on how sweet the melon) add a bit of melon to your containers and top with some chopped pistachios, you can eat this salad either cold or at room temperature.

Try this recipe, you can substitute melon for another fruit, or you can combine two types of melons or more types of fruit, just remember to control your portions, go ahead and try to prepare this dessert at home, you will see that you'll love it, you know you can follow my adventures in the kitchen through my FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram  if you do this or any other of my recipes, take a picture and share it with me through the # chokolatpimienta on twitter and instagram.

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